Terms of Service


This agreement is addressed to the Clients and is an official and public offer of the Company, the subject matter and conditions of which are indicated in the corresponding section of the 2fit.me website. The Client, accepting the terms of this agreement (hereinafter - the “Agreement”), hereby agrees the follows:




- Company means a legal entity of Vimpel SG s.r.o, operating site 2fit.me.

- Website means the Company's website located at 2fit.me and containing all the features of the public offer.

- Nutrition and Training Program (hereinafter - "Product") means the Company's offer to sell the nutrition and training program for the Customer.

- Order means a duly executed and paid order of the Customer to the Seller.

- Customer means a legally capable individual, a citizen of Russia or another state, places orders and purchases Products, which are presented on the website at 2fit.me, for the personal purposes, not related to business activities.

- Tariffs mean types and amounts of remuneration of the Company for provision of the Products to the Client;


1.General provisions 


- By ordering the Product through the Website, the Customer unconditionally agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement set forth below.

- This Agreement, as well as information about the Product, presented at the Website, is a public offer.

- The Company has the right to make changes to this Agreement without prior notice. Changes in the terms and conditions of this Agreement come into force after their publication on the Website and apply to any Order made after its publication.

- The Client agrees to transfer to the Company his personal data, information about the Order, and agrees to observe the terms and conditions of the Agreement by filling in the graphs in the appropriate columns when placing an Order on the Website.



2. Product Information 

- Information about the Product is placed on the Website 2fit.me and provided by the Company.

- All distributed Products are put into civil circulation properly and do not violate any rights of third parties.

- All text and graphic information about the Products posted on the Website are the property of the Company.

- It is up to the Company to decide whether to use the Product with gift certificates, coupons and other discount programs.



3. Registration on the Website


- To view the Product and Orders, the Customer must register on the Website.

- By registering on the Site, the Client confirms the fact of his familiarization with this Agreement and his full and unconditional consent with them, including in terms of the Company's consent to the processing of personal data of the Client on the conditions specified in the Privacy Policy.

- The Company is not responsible for accuracy and correctness of the information provided by the Client at registration.

- Client is obliged not to inform third parties about login and password indicated during registration. In case the Client has suspicions about security of his login and password or about possibility of their unauthorized use by the third parties, the Client undertakes to immediately notify the Company by sending an e-mail to help@2fit.me.

- Client is responsible for any actions performed on the Site under his account and on behalf of the Client.

- It is forbidden to use the Website in illegal and prohibited activities. Customers of 2fit.me service agree to comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as to observe acceptable standards of behavior on the Site, including not to distribute spam, malicious software, links to WEB resources that may harm anyone, as well as do not perform other actions on the Site that do not comply with morals and laws. In case the Company suspects the Client in committing illegal actions, such as: bank card fraud, spamming, malware and other acts that violate the terms of this Agreement, the Company has the right to block or delete the Client's account.

- The Client has the right to register on the Site once. In case the Client has several active accounts, the Company has the right to delete duplicate accounts.



4.Order processing


- The Customer's order is placed independently by the Customer on the Website.

- In order to be able to place orders on the Website, the Customer clicks the "Pay" button on the Seller's specific product page of the Site.

- It is possible to pay for the Product in several ways specified on the Website.

- After payment, the invoice for payment is sent to the Customer's e-mail.

- Emergence of Seller's and Customer's rights and obligations under the Agreement occurs immediately after the Company receives the order and the Customer's funds to pay for the Product.

- The proof of conclusion of the Agreement by the Customer is a letter sent by the Company to the mail address specified by the Customer with the data for entering the personal cabinet. The letter is sent to the Client after conclusion of the transaction with the Company on the Website. Any other proof of conclusion of the Agreement by the Company is not considered.

- Copying, selling, forging or using a Product by third parties is strictly prohibited.


5.Product usage


- The Company strictly forbids Client to use the Product without consulting a medical specialist. The Service cannot be suitable for all persons and cannot replace professional medical services.

- In case the Client has any diseases or contraindications, he/she undertakes to notify the Company's representative by sending an e-mail with the description of diseases or contraindications to help@2fit.me.

- The Company is not responsible for any damage caused to the Client as a result of using the Product. Food or training programs specified in the Product may cause injury or death. Customer undertakes to be personally responsible for any damage caused to his own health or that of third parties.

- The Service is not intended for persons under the age of 18. By this agreement, you represent and warrant that you have reached the age of majority. Customers under the age of 18 must have permission to use the Product and be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.

- In case of improper use of the Product by the Customer, the Customer is responsible for the damage caused to him.

- Website does not provide any warranty of security, usage, or other characteristics of the Products presented on the Site. The Food Programs presented on the Website may be potentially dangerous for health. It is necessary to consult a doctor before using the Products. Customer is responsible for using the Product.

- Company is not responsible for the failure of the Customer to achieve the desired results in case of improper performance of the Food Program.

- Company may refuse to provide the Product due to objective reasons or in cases when the Client violates the rules established by the Company.

- The services provided by the Company are purely informational. The Company does not provide medical or any other professional consultations.

- Under no circumstances the Company or its representatives shall be liable to the Client or to any third parties for any indirect, accidental, unintentional damage, including loss of profit or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation, caused in connection with the use of the Website, the content of the Website or other materials to which the client or other persons gained access through the Website, even if the administration of the Website has not warned or indicated the possibility of such damage.


6. Payments and settlements under the Agreement

-The cost of the Company's Product is set by the Company in the Tariffs published on the Site.

- In order to receive the Product, the Client has to make payment at the chosen Tariff on the Payment page. Making a payment, the Customer agrees to the public offer of subscription and agrees to the processing of personal data and obtaining promotional materials. Also, the Customer confirms that he has been notified about charging off the authorization payment against the cost of the service at linking the card, about charging off the amount according to the Tariff chosen by the Customer every 28 days of using the Product, for a period of six months and instructs the operator to apply recurring payments. Security of payments is carried out with the help of Bank-ACQUIRE, functioning on the basis of modern protocols and technologies, developed by international payment systems VISA International and MasterCard International (3D Secure, USAF). Security of transferred information is provided by means of modern Internet security protocols (SSL/TLS).

- In the case of a zero balance on the card, the Customer agrees to a partial write-off of monetary for the services for every 28 days of using the Product.

- Company has the right to unilaterally change (increase, decrease), set new Tariffs, cancel existing Tariffs in whole or in part. If the Customer disagrees with the change (the entry into force) of the new Tariffs, the Customer has the right to unilaterally refuse to execute this Agreement.

- Payment shall be made by the Customer in the manner prescribed for the respective Tariff and published on the website in the Tariffs section or at the bottom of each page of the website. A different payment procedure is possible in accordance with the terms of the shares (special offer).

- Payment for the Company's Product is made with the use of a bank card on the Website (or by other means by prior agreement with the Company, including the use of the Internet technologies that do not contradict the law).



7. Return Policy

- The refund will be returned by the same payment method used to make your purchase. If the Client needs to receive the refund by another payment method, the Client must notify by e-mail to help@2fit.me and act according to the algorithm of actions provided by the Company.

- The Client hereby fully understands that the Company will refund money immediately after it has assumed the respective obligation to refund, with the final date of refund depending on the participants of the respective payment transaction to refund money to the Client.

- The Customer is only entitled to a refund if no visible result has been obtained and all of the following conditions have been met:

The Customer has contacted the Company within 30 days after purchasing the Product, the Client has followed a personalized meal plan for at least 14 consecutive days within the first 30 days after purchase, for which the Client undertakes to provide photographs and/or videos of all dishes that have been prepared or ordered in accordance with the personalized meal plan provided by the Company.

- The decision to return the funds to the Customer is made on the basis of a claim submitted by the Customer to the Company. The term of consideration of the claim (claim) of the Customer about the return of funds to the account of his Card in case of successful payment of the Company's Order is 10 working days. In case of failure in the System and/or in case of interaction between the Settlement Bank and the Company, as a result of which the Payment made by the Customer in compliance with the provisions of this Offer has not been received by the Company, the funds shall be returned to the source of payment, from which the Customer has given an Order for payment. If there is a situation, when the refund to the source of payment is impossible due to technical or other reasons, the refund is made to the bank current account, provided by the Customer, or to the personal cell phone account, specified by the Customer. To return the funds to the bank current account, the Customer must send an application with mandatory filling in all the details. The completed application, signed by the Customer, is sent in scanned form to the e-mail address: help@2fit.me.The refund under the Customer's application is made within 30 (thirty) working days from the moment the Company receives the claim. If there is a situation when the refund to the source of payment is impossible due to technical or other reasons, the refund is made to the bank current account of the cardholder provided by the Customer, or to the personal account of the cell phone specified by the Customer, which belongs to the cardholder from which the payment was made.

- The Client has the right to refuse further provision of services by the Company, as well as subscriptions to the service, by giving a written notice in free form to the e-mail address help@2fit.me, indicating the e-mail address, telephone number specified during registration. The Company within 10 (ten) business days terminates the agreement, as well as deletes the Customer's data from its database if requested. Also, the Customer may cancel the service by contacting help@2fit.me, and the service will be automatically deactivated if the Customer specifies the data that was used during registration. In case of termination by agreement of the parties, all obligations of the parties shall be terminated from the moment of agreement of the parties on termination.


8. Information messages

- After registration the Customer gives his consent to receive updated information, newsletters with the latest news, new offers, special offers and sales announcements, as well as information about news and offers of the Company's partners via SMS, MMS and e-mail.

- By providing his phone number, the Client gives his consent to receive advertising via telecommunication networks, including the use of telephone, fax, mobile radiotelephone communication by the Company (or third parties acting on behalf of the Company).

- The Client may unsubscribe from daily mailing list if he/she follows a special link at the bottom of the letter, which the Client receives to the postal address specified by him/her when registering on the Site.


9. Other provisions

- The law of the Russian Federation shall govern the relations between the Client and the Company.

- In case of any claims from the Client, the Client should contact the Company's Client Support Service: help@2fit.me.

- All arising controversies will be resolved through negotiations. If the agreement is not reached, the dispute will be referred to a judicial authority in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

- Judicial invalidation of any provision of this Agreement shall not entail invalidity of the remaining provisions of the Agreement.


This Agreement is made in the Russian language and in certain cases may be provided for review in a different language. In case of any differences between the Russian text of this Agreement and the text of this Agreement in any other language, the Russian text shall prevail.