This Privacy Policy explains what personal data is collected and used by website. 


We comply with the rules for protecting personal data and protecting your data from unauthorized access by third parties. Web authorization means unconditional acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the conditions for processing personal information specified therein.


  1. Personal data. Purpose and data processing data.


1.1. You can always use this page without revealing any personal information.


1.2. Our company automatically collects data about your device, such as operating system, selected language, IP address etc. All collected data does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.


1.3. Our company collects and uses the personal data to make a fitness plan. These data are: gender, weight, age, height, body type, your dietary preferences, the amount of water you drink per day, daily physical activity.


1.4. Our company does not verify the accuracy of provided data.


  1. Conditions for processing the user's personal information and transferring it to third parties.


2.1. The user's personal information maintains its confidentiality.


2.2. Our company does not transfer personal data to third parties.


  1. Measures used to protect the personal information of users.


Our company takes the necessary and necessary organizational and technical measures for personal protection of the user from unauthorized accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution.