weight loss plan

get an individual nutrition plan with recommended protein,
fat and carbohydrate ratio just for you.

How it works?

No magic - we analyze your parameters, calculate your BMI (body mass index) and the required level of daily water / calorie intake, take into account taste preferences and type of diet (for example vegetarianism), and then draw up a personal plan based on this data. A clear mathematical calculation is the best solution to achieve the result.

From St. Petersburg with love

We apply the analysis of BMI and daily calorie intake to calculate a personal plan


Personalised nutrition plan

We’ve created a personalized nutrition plan perfect for your BMI and normal daily calorie intake. You can easily find all these foods in the nearby shops or replace them with the analogues – it won’t cost you a pretty penny. These are very easy 2-4 step recipes: it won’t be hard to cook from them.


Full training program

Your personalized plan was created taking into account your goals and parameters. It consists of more than 70 exercises for different muscle groups. You don’t need any equipment: you can do them at home without any exercise machines.


Ready-made shopping list

All you have to do is to buy the foods using a convenient shopping list. You can buy food every day or for a week ahead. You’ll always know the exact required amount of every ingredient - it’s calculated for your personalized nutrition plan.